This guide shows you how to place Frequently Bought Together recommendations in product pages. In the presented case, the cross-sells are entered manually. However, the app also allows you to utilize category-based or product-based rules to offer cross-sells.


  1. From your Boost Sales admin, go to Bundles.
  2. From the Bundles page, click Create bundle.
  3. In the Bundle section, enter a name for the new bundle, and a box title for the bundle box displayed in your storefront (for example, Frequently Bought Together).
  4. In the Targeting section, select specific products or collections that you want to show the frequently bought together recommendations.
    Enter a number for the targeting in the Quantity box.
  5. In the Bundling section, select specific products or collections that will be grouped randomly as a bundle.

    Enter a maximum for the bundling in the Quantity box.

  6. Enter a percentage value for the discount in the Discount percentage box.

  7. Use the calendar in the Scheduling section to set the start showing date for the bundle. If you want to set a stop showing date for the bundle, then click Stop showing and use the calendar to choose when the bundle will paused.

    If you don't choose a stop showing date for your bundle, then it will be showing. If you want the bundle to be available for only one day, then select the same calendar day for both the start date and the stop date.
  8. When you are finished, click Create bundle.